Modi's government spoiled the economy of the country says Anand Sharma

New Delhi:

New Delhi, October 14 (ANI) Congress leader Anand Sharma has alleged that the Modi government is misguiding people on their achievements and due to its false decisions the economy of the country has completely deteriorated.

Mr. Anand Sharma said on Sunday in a press conference that there has been a lot of dropdown in the economy in the past four and a half years. The quality that is for any economy has decreased. Investment in the private and public sector sector has decreased in the country. People's savings rate has dropped by about six percent. Due to the new industries not being industrialized, the industrial growth rate is below zero and the increase in petrol and diesel prices is a proof of government failure.

He said that the developmental coalition government, which left the country's economy, has come down from it. At the time of global economic crisis, Manmohan Singh government was also able to speed up the economy smoothly.