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Navigation through stores, categories, searching for products and product selection are simple and all products are displayed with online & store prices with comparative market information to reduce your internet surfing time. has a unique feature that allows you to buy products from competitors by 'access link' under comparative listing

Check the options for online & traditional shopping & explore for your desired shopping!

We provide you with multiple payments & delivery options, in addition to seller’s store address & location for your store shopping in Hyderabad

Search and navigate the products you want to buy and proceed as you desire. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Click the product to find product details
  2. Find out the store & online price to choose between online and store shopping
  3. Find out who is the seller offering the product (Click on Seller name)
  4. Check the store by clicking on their name to explore the store location and other enlisted products
  5. Check the other comparative listing at the bottom of the product detail page
  6. Proceed to purchase from any window as you desire
  7. If you choose traditional shopping, check store price and visit the store to make your choices in store
  8. If you choose the online shopping select the payment & delivery method from online price window.
  9. You shall receive the purchased product within 24 hours
  10. Call to customer service if you find any delay in delivery  
  11. Please refer the Payment process offered by and choose delivery methods
  12. You have also the option to "Pay online and pick products from store". 
  13. Any purchase order generated on is deemed as your agreement on terms & conditions

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